This month I would like to tell you about a nice little program I discovered called RV Tools. (It’s Free!)

Let me start of by saying I am in no way taking any credit for this program, it was made by a brilliant vExpert named Rob de Veij.

RV Tools is great tool for getting a quick overview of your VMware infrastructure as well as getting quick info on stats you might be interested in without the need to go through 20 different tabs in the vSphere client.

The first thing to do is install it, so go to Rob’s site and download it. (Here)

Once downloaded and installed simply launch the program and connect to your vCenter server.
fig1_id165Once connected you will straight away see where this program is heading. It gives you a good overview of a number of different stats as well as the configuration of ESXi hosts and VM’s.
For example, you can see below that I get a overview of my template VMs. (Name, Powerstate, vCPUs assign, memory allocated, etc)
There are simply to many tabs to go through them all, but I encourage you to take a look at this handy program and support work by amazing people like Rob.

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